Lets get to know each other

Good Morning!

I am up bright and early and thought “I just started a blog and these people know nothing about me”. So i want to tell you more about myself! My name is Trey Ashby, from Plainfield, IN. I grew up in Avon, and went to Avon High School, where i played sports and missed way too many assignments. Academics never really was a favorite of mine. High school is where my love for fitness came from, years of bullying led me down the path of fitness to deal with these insecurities. I found that the more i found myself in the gym, the more like-minded friends i was making. I decided to take this one step further when i decided to join Americas biggest gun club, the Marine Corps. This was the perfect world for me, a whole bunch of jacked guys that like to workout and drink beer? That has my name all over it! After getting out of the corps about a year ago, i really fell hard for the fitness lifestyle. I spend my days developing training plans, meeting with clients, and doing my one on one training, don’t forget my morning workouts! I will continue to post my day to day adventures! Please either comment back at this, send me a message, or an email about who you are! The ultimate goal for Iron Body Training is to create the largest network of fitness enthusiasts there is! LETS GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!



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