Trey’s Arm Day Tips

We all want bigger, better shaped arms. Here are a few of my tips that i have found to help improve overall size and shape of your arms!

1. Stop alternating arms

This has been one of the biggest techniques i have used to help grow the “peak” of my biceps. Often times people will alternate their arms (normally while doing standing curls), this allows the arm to be at rest longer. When you activate both arms at once, you decrease the amount of “rest” time allowed, and increase the time under tension placed on the muscle.

2. Eccentric/Concentric isolation

It is shown that the fastest and best way to grow muscle is by emphasizing a slow motion on the eccentric (downward) portion of the movement, and emphasizing a speedy concentric (contracting) movement. This will apply much more tension on the muscle, causing an abundance of micro-tears, and ultimately leading to a faster growth rate.

3. Supersets

Supersetting exercises to increase the workout intensity will not only increase the amount of fatigue on the muscle, but also forces much more blood into the targeted muscle. More blood means that the fascia (outside casing of the muscle) will be stretched at an increased rate, ultimately leading to more growth. Not only do supersets increase growth, they will also aid in getting you the lean, hard look.

4. Workout structure

I have been experimenting with with different Arm day workout structures within the last few months. The one that i have found most effective is alternating heavy exercises, and then doing a superset, and so forth. This will allow you to break down the muscle in a mass movement, and then increase micro-tears with the supersets. This will cause a MASSIVE influx in blood movement, and a pretty gnarly pump at that.


These are just a few of my tips to increase your arm workouts! Give them a try and let me know how it works for you! If you want a fully guided mass building program, i recommend you check you our “muscle building” programs.


Best of luck!


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