Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is one of the easiest ways to keep lean with as little effort as possible.

I started my journey with IF almost three years ago, and it makes staying lean year round as simple as following my daily routine. IF is the idea that you will eat all of your days calorie consumption within a small given window of time. The rest of the day you will be in a fasted state to optimize fat loss and muscle retention. IF was originally popularized by Martin Burkhan, and was based on the 16 hour fasting window, and 8 hour eating window.  This type of diet was more of a schedule for eating than a diet itself, and people began to love it! IF allows your body to effectively utilize the food you give it during your eating window. IF will allow food to be digested and used at a much faster rate. When in a fasted state, we often notice an increase in cognitive function and an increase in energy levels! Since growth hormone and insulin are INVERSELY related, when you are in your fasted state with little to no insulin, growth hormone is sky high! This allows for speedy muscular recovery, immune system boosts, and productive energy levels. This is the prime schedule for a total body make-over!

I encourage everyone to do more extensive research on Intermittent Fasting and give it a try! I find that it is a very flexible dieting style that works for almost anyone’s lifestyle. It will continue to be used world wide to transform physiques.

Martin Burkhan (This will teach you IN DEPTH anything you could want to know about how Intermittent Fasting works!)

EAT STOP EAT – Brad Pilon   – Eat stop eat is another wonderful book that describes in detail an extended version of IF for the extreme dieters! I would encourage reading through his page as well to gather more information on IF and the science of weight loss.


Hope you learned something new about IF and how dieting can be flexible for everyone!




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