OPT: The Superior Training

What is the OPT Model?

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) is one of the largest and highest rated personal training certifications available. I have been training religiously for almost five years now, and chose to get NASM certified almost two years ago. NASM teaches trainers to perfectly structure custom workout routines made for every individuals goals. The OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model made its way into the fitness industry a few years ago, and has taken it by storm! The OPT model is a program progression that works through three different stages of workout variations. These three stages are designed to maximize results and minimize injury. The OPT model allows people to progress farther and faster than similar methods.

OPT Structure

The OPT model is structured into three main sections, and five sub components. The components are as follows: Stabilization Endurance- Strength Endurance- Hypertrophy- Maximal Strength- and Power. Each Phase of the OPT model is designed to progress the individual through continuously more challenging workouts.

Stabilization Endurance–  Reps: 12-20, Sets: 1-3, Tempo: 4/2/1, Rest: 0-90 sec

Stabilization Endurance is aimed to put the body in a proprioceptive (unbalanced) environment. We can do this by focusing on unsupported movements such as a single-leg squat, stability ball push-ups, or a single-arm dumbbell press. This will force your body to increase stability muscle strength, strengthen core stabilizers, and strengthen muscles/ligaments around joints. Stabilization Endurance is used as the first phase in OPT because it will prepare your body for harder exercises in the future, insuring that we prevent as many injuries as possible.

Strength Endurance- Reps: 12-20, Sets: 1-3, Tempo: 4/2/1, Rest, 0-90 sec

Phase 2 of the OPT model is strength endurance, and it is aimed to increase the amount of work able to be done by each muscle. This is where we get more into traditional strength exercises, only with higher rep ranges. In the second phase we begin to increase muscle size in small amounts, but we start to increase the length of workouts/intensity of workouts which will prime you for the next phase, Hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy- Reps: 6-12, Sets, 3-5, Tempo: 2/0/2, Rest: 0-60 sec

Hypertrophy is where we start to get into the meat and potatoes of the OPT model. In this phase we are strictly focused on growth. We have already mastered stabilization, and accommodated our muscles for a high intensity workout style. Now it is time to pack on some size. Lowering the rep ranges and increasing the weight used will produce a rapid growth of the targeted muscle. It is important not to rush into this stage, because this is where most of the injuries occur if you are not ready for the high-intensity that comes along with this phase.

Maximal Strength- Reps: 1-5, Sets: 4-6, Tempo: Fast/Explosive, Rest: 3-5 min

For the people who are looking to get into power-lifting, or just want to be stronger, this is the phase you will want to focus on! Maximal strength is all about increasing the maximal output that you can produce at a single time. To increase pure strength we will lower the reps drastically and increase the weight drastically. This will require much longer rest periods to allow your body to recover energy levels. Once someone has advanced up to the hypertrophy phase, we can chose to keep them in hypertrophy, or maximal strength depending on their goals.

Power- Reps: 1-10, Sets, 3-6, Tempo: Fast/Explosive, Rest: 3-5 min

Stage 5 is all about explosiveness! Power refers to the ability to move your body in an opposing direction in as little time as possible. This stage will be full of jumping movements, quick/explosive movements, and will effect the cardio-respiratory system just as much as the muscular system.

Why do we use the OPT Model?

Iron Body Training chooses to adapt the OPT model because we fully believe that it is the safest and most effective progression available. NASM has perfected this progression insuring the highest chances of injury prevention while maximizing the results! Let one of our trainers aid you through the OPT model and see for yourself how much this progression can help your results!


Today i would like to challenge all of my followers! I challenge you all to go out and find an odd workout variation and give it a try! Muscular confusion (Covered in different post) is key to growth. Try and find something new to keep your muscles confused and growing!


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