Get In the Zone, or Get out!

Focus, expanded…

The Black Panther strikes fear in anything that crosses it’s path. It is not details such as large teeth, razor sharp claws, or the insane speed that makes these animals so intimidating. It is the immense amount of pure focus in their yellow-green eyes, that humans cannot begin to understand.

This focus shown by the Black Panther is something I believe we all need to harness within our mindset. Focus at the root is: “the center of interest or activity” however, I would like to expand your mind on what the meaning of “focus” really is.

I believe that being focused means that you are CONSTANTLY zoned in on what you are working on, whatever it may be at that moment, you are engulfed in the idea of what you are doing, and you wont let anything stop you from doing it to the best of your ability.

Channeling our Focus

We know what the basic definition of focus is, now how do we enhance our focus in the Gym and in life? When I am in the gym, I close my eyes and let every worry, every stress, and every outside force leave my mind as I allow focus, control, and power to overtake my mindset. With this tool, i am able to improve the intensity and quality of my workout. I like to envision the body i am shooting for in my head, this helps me maintain my focus.

Food for thought

I will leave you with this task…

I challenge you to find 3 things that help you focus in the gym, and list them in the comments. My 3 focus fueling habits are: Music, an image of when i first started, and all of the people that say i can’t have what i want.



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