Joint Pain

Joint pain is way too common among lifters, runners, and people who put an excessive strain on their body. It can hold you back from the things you love, limit mobility, and discourage you from being physically active.

I have good news, there are things you can do to prevent future pain and existing joint pain.


  • Stretching
  • Proper warm-up/cool down
  • Low-impact aerobics (as a replacement to high-impact cardio)
  • Fish oil supplementation
  • Foam rolling does an amazing job explaining prevention methods

Pain Relief

Some great ways to relieve joint pain are:

  • Icing the area
  • Supplementing with Tri-Flex (Glucosamine, EPA’s, MSM)
  • Water aerobics
  • Supplementing with Tart Cherry Juice
  • More extensive warm-up/cool down


Joint pain can hold you back from doing the activities that you love, and can even keep you out of the gym. I recommend that you try to implement some of these ideas for preventing and minimizing joint pain!



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