NOxygen is the Pump King

Supplements are becoming more and more common as people seek to enhance their workout, and speed up results. Pump enhancement formulas have been used for years to increase the amount of blood inside the muscles during exercise.

Why use Pump Formulas?

I have used pump products for the last four years, and it has become a key component of my stack. Pump products, aka vasodilators, can aid in expanding blood vessels and capillaries allowing more blood to flow with less resistance. I use these products mixed with my pre-workout to get a better pump and increase muscle growth.

Pump for Growth

I use pump formulas for two main reasons: I love the excruciating feeling of a sick pump, and I want to increase growth as much as possible. When you force massive amounts of blood into your muscles using one of these products the outside “casing”, or fascia, of the muscle is stretched at a higher rate. The fascia must be stretched if you want to allow more room for growth. I find this to be most effective if you begin and end every workout with a good stretching routine.

Why is NOxygen Superior?

I believe that NOxygen is the superior pump product on the market because of its price point, effectiveness, ease of use, and simplicity. NOxygen is among the many mid-range priced products on the market($29). However, I have found it to be my favorite for the way it consistently delivers results and doesn’t lose effectiveness. NOxygen is also flavorless and has an extremely small scooper, allowing me to mix it with any type of pre-workout without the clumps and thickness of other products.

NOxygen is powered by NO3-T which I found to be one of the most effective ingredients for my body. I notice a huge difference in how fast I can get a good pump, and how sore I am the next day.


I would highly recommend checking out one of these products as it can bring immense value to anyone’s stack. Let me know if you notice a difference! Happy Sunday, and keep killing it!



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