Why am I a Personal Trainer?

I started my journey as a 16-year-old, 230-pound teen that knew absolutely nothing about working out. I owe a lot of what I know to my first trainer named Evan. Evan was able to enhance multiple aspects of my life without even knowing it, and ultimately inspired me to become a trainer.

Learning Opportunities

When I first started utilizing personal trainers to help speed up my results. I was absolutely blown away with the amount of knowledge I was able to pick up just being around professional trainers. I had no interest in being a trainer at this time in my life, but as I continued learning about human anatomy, kinesiology, and nutrition, I gained massive interest in this career path. I began to study and self-educate as much as possible so that I could give back and teach others what I have learned. After 5 years of lifting, self-educating, and learning the in’s and out’s of the fitness industry, I decided to get NASM certified.

Passion to Inspire

The passion to inspire others along their journey to a healthier life has single-handedly been the most humbling experience in my life! There is nothing in the world that makes me feel as good as hearing about a young lady on her wedding day because she fit into her dress or an elderly lady who is able to rehabilitate after her knee surgery. These are real-life examples of clients that have been able to change their life with Iron Body.

It has been my goal to positively impact each and every individual that crosses my path and to wipe out all of the negativity that surrounds our society. Iron Body is a family that has the passion to inspire, but YOU are what inspires us.


I would recommend anyone who has the passion to touch others lives and wants to teach others how to better themselves, look into the career of personal training. I got my certification through NASM (separate blog post), and am more than pleased with the content, and application that they coach.



Iron Body Training

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