My Favorite Fitness Person


I began working out when I was 16 years old and it all began with just wanting to be “fit”. I had just wanted to be like the rest of the jocks around my High School until one specific day overtook me with a new goal.

I was about to hit the gym about three months into my lifting career when I decided that going on YouTube for motivation wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. I began my search and ended up landing on CT Fletcher’s video “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW”, which lit an unimaginable fire under my ass. I witnessed CT scream, laugh, and punish the two best bodybuilders in the world (Dan Linn Bailey, and Kai Greene). I never realized that people pushed themselves to the point of absolute failure.

The Leg day Fueled by CT

The day that I found CT Fletcher for my motivation, all I began to picture was the pain, suffering, and ultimately the growth that was going to happen in the next few years. Fletcher speaks about the mind-muscle connection that you need to master to achieve the best results. This was able to fuel that leg day with such drive and such passion that it forever changed my direction in fitness. That one video inspired me to do so much more than I had originally planned.

I encourage you to go out and look at this video on YouTube! I’ll attach the link below. Keep grinding through these next few weeks, and stay grateful.




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